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Since 2012, TOVAPO people have continuously innovated and developed a series of e-cigarettes products with independent intellectual property rights, which have many domestic and international patents. We have always maintained the leading level in the industry in terms of innovative structure, liquid leakage prevention, condensation prevention and taste enhancement.

The exclusive patented superconducting structure accurately controls the e-liquid conductivity of the cotton coil, which not only improves the comfort of the cotton coil, but also improves the leakproofness of the cotton coil, thereby ensuring no e-liquid leakage during overseas transportation.


The latest TOVAPO exclusively patented technology, rotary heating porous ceramics, brings you an unprecedented taste feast! lt is the first choice for users who pursue the ultimate products.


When the pod is in the unused state, the liquid and the heating core are separated, which ensures that the pod will not go bad and leak out during long-term storageand transportation. After the user pull out the plastic plug, the e-liquid enters intothe heating core, which ensures the best taste experience for the user.


ln April, 2018, the cotton-wrapped disposable e-cigarettes T1 was created by our company, also replacing the traditional oil cup structure with an cotton-wrapped in the disposable e-cigarettes, thus we leading the R & D direction of the disposable e-cigarettes market. The technology and quality of our disposable e-cigarettes have always been at the forefront of the industry.


Exclusive patented structure, combined with cylindrical ceramics with balanced performance, is the preferred structure for open small smoke. This structure is also favored by CBD users.

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